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Tamaki Kannazuki
Chara tama
Age around 15-16
Gender Female
Voice Actor/Actress

Sumire Uesaka

Tamaki Kannazuki (神無月 環 Kannazuki Tamaki?) is a new club member and a first-year from the GJ-bu series.


Similar to Kyoro, she was abducted to join the club. She has a habit of ending her sentences either with "desu" or "desu yo/ka". Tamaki loves cake and was even promised to have all the cake she can eat, if she agreed to be part of the club. She is always carrying a camera with her, which she can hide very easily, and likes taking pictures.


Tamaki has green tsurime eyes and green hair which twin-tailed with two ribbons with bells. She is also a bit taller than Mao Amatsuka.


She seems so friendly and always help her friends and she wear bells so she wouldn't get lost.


The Kannazuki family is known to run a shrine, where Tamaki is the priestess.


Main article: Tamaki Kannazuki/Relationships.



  • She never gains weight.
  • She is the only club member from the first year.


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