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Shion Sumeragi
Bg chara02
Sumeragi Shion
Age 17
Gender Female
Light Novel Vol. 1
Anime Ep. 1
Voice Actor/Actress

Suzuko Mimori

Shion Sumeragi (Shii for short) is a genius who comes from a family of people with similar prowess in different fields. She has purple hair and violet eyes and has a low body temperature. She has a younger brother, who is a barista. One of her most notable traits is that she lacks common sense.



She is a tall, pretty girl with violet hair and eyes. She wears her school coat drooping from her shoulders.



Shion Sumeragi : Shion is a calm and very intelligent girl. She doesn't like being called a genius, as it bothers her, and also lacks common sense.


Main article: Shion Sumeragi/Image gallery.

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