GJ-bu Chūtō-bu (GJ部中等部? lit. GJ Club Junior High School Division) is a side story of the Light Novel GJ-bu. Similar to the original series, this novel written by Shin Araki and illustrated by Aruya. The series began publication by April 18, 2012 and currently on-going.

List of VolumesEdit

Number Chapters Release Date Cover Art
  • Season of Changes (変革の季節 Henkaku no Kisetsu?)
  • The Ratio of Self-introduction: Kasumi (自己紹介のひ・霞 Jiko Shōkai no Hi・Kasumi?)
  • The Ratio of Self-introduction: Seira (自己紹介のひ・聖羅 Jiko Shōkai no Hi・Seira?)
  • The Ratio of Self-introduction: Jill (自己紹介のひ・ジル Jiko Shōkai no Hi・Jiru?)
  • The Ratio of Self-introduction: Jinjin (自己紹介のひ・ジンジン Jiko Shōkai no Hi・Jinjin?)
  • The Ratio of Self-introduction: Kenken (自己紹介のひ・ケンケン Jiko Shōkai no Hi・Kenken?)
  • Pencil (エンピツ Enpitsu?)
  • Tie of Lovers (恋人つなぎ Koibito Tsunagi?)
  • Close Friend (親友 Shinyū?)
  • It Looks Like Jinjin (Other) (ジンジンみたいなの〔ほか〕 Jinjin Mitai na no (Hoka)?)
April 18, 2012
Novel junior 1


July 18, 2012
Novel junior 2
3 October 18, 2012
Novel junior 3
4 January 18, 2013
Novel junior 4
5 April 18, 2013
Novel junior 5
6 July 18, 2013
Novel junior 6
7 October 25, 2013
Novel junior 7

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