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The anime adaptation of GJ-bu (GJ部 Gujjobu?, lit. GJ Club) is produced by Dogakobo and aired between January 10 until March 28, 2013. The continuation titled GJ-bu @ (GJ部 (ぐるぐる) Gujjobu Guruguru?) will start airing on Spring 2014.

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode Subtitle Original Air Date
Episode 1
I am the GJ Club!
(私がグッジョぶだ! Watashi ga Gujjobu da!?)
January 10, 2013
Episode 2
Friendship, Love, Her Abnormality?
(友情・愛情・彼女の異常? Yūjō・Aijō・Kanojo no Ijō??)
January 17, 2013
Episode 3
Kyoro on the GJ String
(GJ線上のキョロ GJ-Senjō no Kyoro?)
January 24, 2013
Episode 4
After School Cultural Festival Party
(放課後文化祭パーティー Hōkagō Bunkasai Pātī?)
January 31, 2013
Episode 5
Double Fantasy
(ダブルなファンタジー Daburu na Fantajī?)
February 7, 2013
Episode 6
The Four Little Sisters Enter!?
(妹が4人入る!? Imōto ga 4-nin Hairu!??)
February 14, 2013
Episode 7
New Member Appears!
(新入部員あらわる! Shin-nyū Buin Arawaru!?)
February 21, 2013
Episode 8
Sisters Attack!
(シスターズ・アタック! Shisutāzu・Atakku!?)
February 28, 2013
Episode 9
Kyoro on the GJ String・REBIRTH
(GJ線上のキョロ・REBIRTH GJ-Senjō no Kyoro・REBIRTH?)
March 7, 2013
Episode 10
An Autumn of Art, Appetites, and Attacks
(芸術と食欲と襲撃の秋 Geijutsu to Shokuyoku to Shūgeki no Aki?)
March 14, 2013
Episode 11
Cancelled Agreement
(協・定・解・除 Kyo・tei・Kai・jo?)
March 21, 2013
Episode 12
Let's Say a Farewell for the GJ Club
(さらばGJ部と言おう Saraba GJ-Bu to Iō?)
March 28, 2013

Guruguru (Season 2)Edit


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