Kyōya Shinomiya
GJ-bu - @ 43.09
四ノ宮 京夜
Shinomiya Kyōya
Alias/es Kyoro (キョロ?)
Age 16-18
Gender Male
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor/Actress

Hiro Shimono

Kyōya Shinomiya (四ノ宮 京夜 Shinomiya Kyōya?), nicknamed "Kyoro" (キョロ?), is the main protagonist of GJ-Bu and a secondary character in GJ-Bu Chuto Bu.

Kyōya is a normal youth. But when the first day he started his high school life starts, he is kidnapped and forced to join the GJ Club, where he meets 4 different girls.


Kyoro has brown hair and rather purple tareme eyes. Kyoro also has an ahoge and usually seen wearing his school uniform.


He is typically a friendly person, it was said that he likes to look around which is why he was nicknamed Kyoro. He is also the type of person who doesn't show his anger and tolerates his other fellow club members every time he is being teased, but will occasionally be depressed when the teasing goes overboard. He also likes maids a lot, specially when they do a twirl.


Kyoro comes from a normal family, he has a little sister named Kasumi Shinomiya.



Kasumi ShinomiyaEdit

Kyoya's younger sister. She seems to have a brother-complex with Kyoya, owing to the fact that she hid all of his story books only leaving one which had the younger sister as the heroine. Kyoya cares for her a lot.

Mao AmatsukaEdit

The GJ Club's president. Kyoya is seen a lot of times helping her, due to her shortness. Mao likes to punish Kyoya and has the habit of biting or picking on him when she's bored or angry. Mao acts like Kyoya's kouhai, who he has to take care of, in front of the chuto-bu.

Megumi AmatsukaEdit

The younger sister of Mao. She and Kyoya have a friendly relationship, Kyoya usually consoling her when she's frustrated (this usually happens when it comes to the subject of weight). Kyoya even drank countless cups of tea made by Megumi when she had no one who would and got frustrated.

Shion SumeragiEdit

She is the vice-president of the GJ Club and a genius at chess. She has a lot of older brothers, all of whom are geniuses at something, and is very rich. Because of that, she doesn't know a lot of commoner's stuff, such as "Instant noodles" and "canned coffee" and Kyoya stops her from doing stuff which is not correct, such as eating the noodle without boiling it first.

Kirara BernsteinEdit

Kyoya and Kirara have a kind relationship. The only person Kirara will ever share her meat with is Kyoya.



  • His height is 162 cm.