GJ-bu Episode 1
私がグッジョブだ! Watashi ga Gujjobu da!
Season 1, Episode 1
Storyboard Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
Staging Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
Animation Director(s) Mariko Kubo
Chief Animation Director(s) Atsushi Soga
Original Air Date
January 10, 2013
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Friendship, Love, Her Abnormality?



Mao Amatsuka is trying to reach a burnt out light bulb, when Kyouya Shinomiya offers to help he winds up getting bitten. Megumi Amatsuka and Kyouya talk about Shoujo manga and it comes out that Mao can't read them. Shion Sumeragi plays against the world champion in chess online, who she easily beats.

Due to a prank by Mao, Kyoya accidentally breaks a tea cup. Megumi proposes a punishment game for him and the other girls want to join in. Mao proposes a nickname for Kyouya, and her and the rest of the girls decide upon Kyoro.


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Notable QuotesEdit



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