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Door that lead to GJ Club Room

GJ-bu (also known as GJ Club) is a club attended by Kyoya and the others.

Club MemberEdit


This club has a tradition to forcibly take 1st year students and recruit him/her as a member. Known victims are Kyoya and Tamaki.


  • A book with Indonesian Title
  • The writer of these book also have a Indonesian Name
  • There is also a book "Selamat Pagi, Jakarta" and "Big Trik!"
  • A box have a name "Indonesia" and "Ada apa dengan cinta"
  • The Book "Trik! Trik!" has a same writer with the previous book
  • If you looking carefully, at the left of Computer that usually Shion use for playing chess, there's a bookshelf with some Indonesian Title.
    • And some book of that has a Indonesian's Name of Writer.
    • The Book "Big Trik!" has 2 mixed language, English and Indonesian (Trik in Indonesia = Trick in English).
  • If you noticed when Kyoya playing as a doctor, there's a box named "From Indonesia" (tough some letter covered by number), and a box named "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta".
  • Because of there's some Indonesian's Language Book and Box, some fan from Indonesians sometimes call this club as GaJe Klub / 'Klub Gak Jelas (read: Unclear Club or Club that not have particular activity).

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