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"Mao believed the existence of Santa, that's why, we'll beg you to don't shatter her dreams!"

– Shion.

Double Fantasy
ダブルなファンタジー Daburu na Fantajī
Story05 21
Season 1, Episode 5
Storyboard Hiroshi Haraguchi
Staging Yoshito Hata
Animation Director(s) KIM YONGSIK,


Chief Animation Director(s) Atsushi Soga
Original Air Date
February 7, 2013
Previous Next
After School Cultural Festival Party The Four Little Sisters Enter!?



Kyōya brushes Shion's hair. Kyōya tries to talk in a more manly fashion. Mao knits a big stocking for Santa. There isn't enough room under the kotatsu for everyone. Kyōya gets depressed when he doesn't receive any Valentine's day chocolate only for Mori to show up and give him some.


Main article: Double Fantasy/Full summary.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Well, that's how White Day works..."

    – Kyoro.



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